Professional Learning Opportunities


Book Study


Ready to cozy up with a good book? Come dig into Productive Math Struggle, where we’ll discuss 6 specific actions that will help us to create a strategic game plan for overcoming obstacles around struggle in the mathematics classroom as we foster perseverance. Click to REGISTER TODAY.

Putting Practices into Practice

VIRTUAL: FEB 24, MAR 31, APR 28 @ 4:30pm

Three afternoon sessions will target practices related to planning for and facilitating problem solving in the mathematics classroom with a focus on rich mathematical tasks. Each participant will learn about, then implement research-based practices that allow for productive struggle, critical thinking, and meaningful student discourse. K-12 problem solving resources will be shared. Click to REGISTER TODAY.

Cool Convos

VIRTUAL: MAR 22, APR 19, MAY 10 @4pm


Got 30 minutes to Chat?! Join the AATM community for Cool Convos!We’ll discuss hot math topics and share cool ideas and resources.

Hot Topic Lineup:

(1)Mathematical Feedback: How/When?

(2)Assessment: How do you know, they know?!

(3)Homework, Does it still have a place in Mathematics?!


Anytime Webinar

PD at your fingertips sounds great, right? That is until the realization hits that there are so many choices and so little time. But… AATM has vetted and approved a list of anytime webinars for your convenience! Take the opportunity to hear from experts in the field on specific topics of interest to you. What’s more, they’re free! Invite your entire team for a professional learning experience or watch solo: Anytime. Anywhere. Click to VIEW the curated list, updated monthly.