Board of Directors

Lori Everson


Lori Everson is an Education Consultant and Grant Coordinator for K-12 schools.  She also teaches as an adjunct math instructor at the university level.  Prior to these roles, Lori served as a Curriculum & Academic Achievement Coordinator at a Phoenix area K-8 charter school.  Lori authored 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade math differentiation curriculum for Big Ideas Learning, published by Larson Texts.  Additionally, Lori was featured in Every Math Learner, A Doable Approach to Teaching with Learning Differences in Mind, K-5 , written by Dr. Nanci Smith, Corwin Books.  Lori was featured in the series’ video clips, and her teaching methods were highlighted in several chapters.  She also serves on various teams for the AdvancED (now Cognia) accreditation process, helping schools as they strive for continuous improvement.  With over 20 years of experience in the classroom and curriculum administration, Lori has dedicated her career to helping students achieve their goals.

Suzi Mast


Suzi Mast is a proud Arizona certified teacher and administrator for over 30 years.  Suzi recently retired (for a hot second) from the Arizona Department of Education where she was the Director of K-12 Mathematics and Educational Technology for over nine years. Suzi has also been a middle school and high school teacher in Arizona, worked in the private sector in educational technology, and an administrator for a K-8 district leading math and science curriculum, instruction and assessment.  Suzi specialists in Formative Assessment, MTSS and social and emotional learning in math with a focus on equity for all students.  Suzi is also on the Board for AATM.  Suzi is currently consulting and presenting in Arizona and on the national level.

Amy Tixier

Amy Tixier


Kelly Cota

NCTM Representative

Leigh Diebold

Membership Chair

Leigh Diebold joined the board in October 2020.

Ed Anderson


Ed began his service as a board member of the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics (AATM) in 1992. He first served as the State Coordinator for the State High School Math Contest and is currently the treasurer.  In 2006, Ed co-authored, “AIMS-Math” Barron’s Test Preparation Series, a study guide to prepare students taking the Arizona AIMS Math Test.  Ed is currently teaching at Hamilton High School in Chandler.  Ed enjoys finding new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom.    During the last several years, he recruited and trained teachers throughout the East Valley in the use of the WebWork homework system.

Chryste Berda

Regional Vice President - Maricopa

Chryste Berda serves on the AATM Board as the Regional Vice President for Maricopa. She has taught elementary, middle, and high school students, worked as a mathematics curriculum coordinator and instructional coach and led professional development workshops for administrators, teachers and parents throughout Oregon and Arizona. Her work with mathematics has been presented at National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics (AATM), and other educational seminars and conferences.

Carrie Burdon

Regional Vice President - Southern

Carrie Burdon currently serves as the K-5 Math Professional Development Academic Trainer for the Tucson Unified School District in Tucson, AZ.  She has over 13 years experience teaching in an Elementary (K-5) setting and has spent the past 4 years working with the Center for the Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers at the University of Arizona, building teacher leadership and facilitating content development workshops.


Regional Vice President - North East

Christina is a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Northern Arizona University.  She joined the board in 2019.

Anna Fermanis

Regional Vice President - Western

Anna A. Fermanis serves on the AATM Board as the Regional Vice President for the Western Counties. She has worked in education for more than 20 years.  She is currently the Instructional Services Director for Somerton School District, K-8 district in Somerton, Arizona, in charge of the development and implementation of mathematics and language arts curriculum and instruction.  Anna coordinates and instructs professional development activities for teachers and administrators on understanding and implementing Arizona’s standards.  She also develops benchmark assessments and oversees the district’s instructional calendar for both math and language arts.  Additionally, she is active in numerous curriculum and professional development organizations and serves as a member on different boards throughout the state.

Becky Howell

Regional Vice President - East Central

I was one of those kids that needed to know why and how things worked.  Unfortunately, by high school, none of my math teachers could explain this to me and I quickly began to hate math.  It wasn’t until I started teaching that I began to understand how math works, and I quickly grew to love it.  Throughout my 24 years in education, I’ve played several different roles.  I’ve taught 3rd and 4th grade, been a consultant for a mathematics curriculum company, taught at a private school for children with varying emotional disabilities, taught Intel Math and Math 20/20 to teachers in our county, been a math coach, and am now very happy teaching 6th grade math to 90 amazing students and coaching as well.  My husband and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary.  We’re the parents of 3 rambunctious, but very cute kids.  When I get a few moments to myself, I enjoy reading and cooking.

Nora G. Ramirez

Elections Chair & TODOS Representative

Nora’s work as a mathematics education consultant  focuses on promoting equity, conceptual understanding, and effective instruction for  all students, especially English language learners and students with disabilities. She recently co-edited and co-authored Beyond Good Teaching: Advancing Mathematics Education for ELLs. She actively participates in several mathematics education organizations and serves as a member of many advisory boards throughout the nation. She serves as the Professional Development Chair and the TODOS representative on the AATM Board.

Tara Fulton

Professional Learning Chair

Tara Fulton currently serves as the K-8 Mathematics Coordinator for Crane School District in Yuma, AZ.  She has spent over 15 years as an educator having taught at both the elementary and middle school levels.  With her deep passion for mathematics education, she currently works to provide professional development and support to district leadership and teachers across the state.  She has served on state standard and assessment committees and was the project director for multiple federally funded MSP grants.  She is the current board secretary for Arizona Mathematics Leaders and serves as a program committee member for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Centennial Annual Conference.  She cares deeply about the learning and teaching of mathematics and has been able to proudly serve as a representative for math educators across the state.

Kimberly Rimbey, Ph.D., NBCT

Advocacy Chair

As a highly-decorated professional developer, curriculum director, math coach/specialist and classroom teacher, Kimberly brings nearly 30 years of experience to the K-12 education field. Kim’s passion for impacting great mathematics teaching and learning emerges in her work with teachers and their leaders in her roles as Co-founder and CEO of KP Mathematics and as the Director of Curriculum and Assessment for the Buckeye Elementary school District. In the past decade, Kim achieved National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Mathematics, received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, and was named Alumna of the Year at Grand Canyon University. Kim serves on numerous curriculum and assessment committees throughout Arizona and the U.S.

Lavon Sierra

Communications Chair

Lavon Sierra currently serves as the English Language Development Specialist, for students in 1st-6th grade, at Gary A. Knox Elementary School, in Yuma, AZ. Prior to this, she has spent the past 10 years teaching at the elementary level in kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grade. Throughout her years of teaching, she has served on the Crane School District math leadership team, where she worked on developing the district’s math curriculum. She serves on the Magic Squad for the Get Your Teach On Conference, as they travel around the U.S. providing professional development, aka an educational experience, for K-8 educators and administrators. She is extremely passionate about providing memorable experiences through engaging and rigorous learning opportunities, and enjoys providing professional development to support other educators to do the same.

Eboney McKinney

ADE Representative

Eboney McKinney is the Director of Mathematics and Educational Technology for the Arizona Department of Education, Academic Standards Unit. Prior to that she was a Math Program Specialist for ADE in Exceptional Student Services. Before coming to the ADE she spent 2 years as a Student Achievement Teacher and 9 years in the Sierra Vista Public School District as a Teacher Leader and education advocate. As a classroom teacher she taught grades 4, 5, and 6, while advocating for her students and colleagues as President of her local association and as a board member of the AZ Education Association and the AZ Association of Teachers of Mathematics. She also facilitated math professional development with the IMPACTS program through the University of Arizona Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers from 2016-2019, as an IMPACTS Teacher Leader. She is an active member of the following math organizations: AML, NCSM, ASSM, AATM and NCTM. She earned her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Prescott College and her graduate degree in Mathematics Teaching from Mount Holyoke College. She is currently finishing up a certificate program from MHC in Professional Development and Coaching.

Jaclyn Wood

STEM Collaborative Representative

Jaclyn Wood is a Master Teacher at Skyline Ranch K-8 school in the Florence Unified School District. She recently joined the AATM board and was Program Chair for the AATM Annual Conference in 2017 and 2018.

Jane Gaun

AML Representative

Jane Gaun currently serves as the K-12 Mathematics Coordinator for the Flagstaff Unified School District. She oversees the development and implementation of mathematics curriculum and instruction and also coordinates and instructs professional development activities for teachers and administrators designed to strengthen mathematics teaching and learning. Jane facilitates the newly formed Secondary to Post-Secondary Mathematics Collaborative between mathematics instructors from FUSD, Coconino Community College, and Northern Arizona University. She has worked for the Coconino County Educational Services Agency providing learning opportunities for teachers throughout Northern Arizona and is the President of the Arizona Mathematics Leaders, an NCSM affiliate. She is the AML representative on the AATM board.

Amy Rushall


Amy Rushall has been a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Northern Arizona University since 1998.   She has been active in the professional development of K-12 teachers throughout her career, most recently delivering the Intel Math program to K-8 teachers of northern Arizona through grants from the Arizona Department of Education.  Ms. Rushall has been a member of AATM since moving to Arizona in 1998.

Board of Directors

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