Board Nominations

May 2022 Elections Announcement: Call for Nominations

Nominations are open for the following AATM Board positions: Secretary and NCTM Representative

Nominations open on May 12 and close on June 4. Elections will occur between August 18 and September 2.

Nominators and nominees must be members of AATM before May 1, 2022.  The duties and responsibilities of each position are listed below.

Secretary’s Roles and Responsibilities (3-year Term)

  1. keep the minutes of the Board meetings and of the Annual Business Meeting,

  2. maintain correspondence as needed,

  3. archive all records of the organization, and

  4. transfer all records to the next secretary at the end of the term of office.

NCTM Representative’s Roles and Responsibilities¬†(3-year Term)

  1. represent AATM at the NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition

  2. forward communication to and from NCTM,

  3. annually update the membership on NCTM news and activities,

  4. coordinate NCTM-related activities.