State High School Contest

Do you work with high school students? Do your students need extra challenge and recognition?  We invite them to join in the State High School Contest.  This contest generates scholarships for top seniors, as well as recognition to the ten highest-scoring students in each level.  Topics for the contest include: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analysis, and Calculus.   Fee of $2.00 per student applies. Ed Anderson has more information for you about this great contest.

Test Date Feb 14th 2019

Below are tests from previous years:

The registration information and form link:     State Contest Information

Registration form:   Registration form

State Algebra Contest

AATM invites your Algebra I students to compete in the State Algebra Contest. Each year, schools (for only a $20.00 participation fee) encourage their students enrolled in first-year algebra to participate in this math challenge. Schools receive a master copy of the contest questions (50 multiple choice and 10 short answer questions).
In May, the school copies the questions, scores student work and submits results to the state coordinator.  Amy Rushall is our state  Algebra Contest Coordinator and would be happy to give your more information or answer any questions you may have.  Click on Amy’s name for a link to her email.  Online information and registration found at

6th Grade Challenge

Maricopa Regional
Sixth Grade Math Challenge
Postponed 2018


The 2018 Maricopa Sixth Grade Math Challenge has been postponed this year.   AATM board is looking for interested individuals to help coordinate this program. It has been GREAT, however it is a large undertaking. Please let your comments known to the board members and your local representative.